Entertainment Execs = Boneheads

This story in Variety really pisses me off. Do the suits/morons that work in the entertainment business have any semblance of a clue? Their panties are getting all in a bunch just because TiVo is going to offer out-of-the-box support for downloading shows to iPods and PSPs. I say right on TiVo.

There are quite a few programs out in the wild right now that will allow consumers to do just this very thing. TiVo gets my applause (Hurry up with the Mac support!) for making this easier for the non-techies out there who would love to watch Lost or Veronica Mars on their iPods while they’re on the go.

Everyday I realize that the only fair use the entertainment boneheads are interested in is what’s fair to them. Now I know why I don’t feel bad when I use BitTorrent.

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New Study Focuses on TiVo’s Buzz

I came across this post over at Lost Remote while I was catching up on my feeds, and I started thinking about how I refer to my ReplayTV when I’m posting online or talking in casual conversation. A research firm called Brandimensions points out that TiVo seems to be losing mindshare to the more generic terms “recorded” and “DVR” in place of “Tivo’d” or “TiVo”. I guess this is a double-edged sword for TiVo. On one hand it helps them keep their name out in the public, but on the other a company doesn’t want their brand name to become the generic term for a market either.

Personally, I think it has more to do with the recent rise of Home Theater PCs and DVRs offered by the cable and satellite companies. Being a ReplayTV owner, I’ve always shied away from using the term “TiVo” or “TiVo’d” in reference to my box or recording. I’m sure my ReplayTV thanks me for that.

The Brandimension study also pointed out that the market doesn’t see TiVo advancing fast enough.

The study also concluded that consumers are growing increasingly concerned with TiVo’s standalone box and its inability to record in HD or two shows simultaneously.

This is probably true in some sense. TiVo and ReplayTV have been stagnate in the field of HD recording innovations. TiVo has one unit that will allow HD recording, but it’s locked up with DirecTV service. ReplayTV, on the other hand, is totally lacking in this area. I’m also not sure if they are developing a HD capable recorder or not.

Both TiVo and ReplayTV should be able to rebound a bit once CableCards become readily available. Then they’ll easily be able to offer HD recording and become the one and only set-top box required. The only problem is getting the cable companies to agree on a standard, but that’s an entirely different ball of wax.

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Lost Season Premiere

Lost Logo-1

Damn, if this wasn’t the best damn season premiere ever. J.J. Abrams gave us just enough to make the season finale seem like it happened just last week. That’s how fast they hooked all of the viewers again. I loved how the first five minutes were of the guy in the hatch. At first your watching and thinking, “Who’s backstory is this? Saywer?” But then they tie it back in with the hatch explosion and you realize watch you’ve just been watching. That’s damn good television.

I guess the producers were right when they said we wouldn’t be disappointed at the Emmy’s. I’ve always thought that this show would be more of a tease than anything else. I mean how much can really go on with 40 people being stranded on an island. I guess I just didn’t have faith in the show’s creators. I’m right there with them now.

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