Posting Via Email

Well, I’ve finally upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.0.2. It’s taken a couple months for me to actually put together the time to get it all straight. The upgrade went surprisingly smooth. Kudos to the WordPress team for making everything quick and painless. Y’all should give my dentist some pointers.

While I was setting up some new plugins, I turned on posting via email. I was always a bit scared of this before. Tonight I decided to face my fears. Who cares if someone jacks my shit. I can always fix it later. Nothing is ever permanent in the digital age we live in now. That’s the beauty of web content.

So off we go with the new set up. I should be updating the look and feel of the site once I find a new theme to use. Sadly, I haven’t learned enough CSS to make my own theme just yet. I am getting better though. I should have my resume and portfolio online soon. That will give you a sense of how far my coding skills have progressed the past couple of months.