Posting From TextMate

I’m a little bit late to the [TextMate][] party. There are many other people who evangelize this piece of software. I’m not going to follow in their footsteps. Instead, I’m going to try to learn from them, and pick up as many tips and techniques as possible to make my TextMate experience enjoyable.This also marks my foray into [Markdown][]. There may be a bit of a learning curve as I try to pick this up. Both TextMate and Markdown should serve this blog well from here on out.

[TextMate]: “TextMate by MacroMates”
[Markdown]: “Markdown by John Gruber”

One thought on “Posting From TextMate”

  1. I’ve always been meaning to try Markdown, but never quite get around to it!
    Textmate really is wonderful. I’m not a heavy coder, but I am writing my thesis in Latex and it’s a godsend. And the blogging bundle makes me so happy 🙂
    Thanks for commenting on my site – I shall watch for your redesign with interest!

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