Sad Day on West End

Cheeseburger by jetalone

After 75 years, Vandyland is closing it’s doors in June. My mom and I used to spend many an afternoon at Vandyland (then called Candyland) eating a banana split or drinking a milkshake before we headed home. We’d always sit up at the counter so I could talk to Mac and watch him work. I never wanted to leave because we were having such a good time. Plus, leaving meant we had to get on the interstate to head back out to Bellevue. I hated the interstate.

It’s sad to see a Nashville tradition shutting down after all of these years. I’ve been going to Vandyland all my life. I don’t know anything different. I feel like I’m losing a piece of my childhood today. I’ll have to make sure to make a few trips down there before June. If this keeps up, the Nashville of my childhood will be a distant memory.

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