Pro Bowl Favoritism

Well, it looks like the annual Pro Bowl teams have been announced. I never really expected the Titans to get more than one player selected this year. Unfortunately, it seems the Titans most deserving player, Kyle Vanden Bosch, was snubbed by both the players and coaches. The fans, on the other hand, actually cared enough to take a look at his stats and performance this season. They didn’t just blindly pick the same names that are always in the Pro Bowl year in and year out.

Keith Bulluck remained very polite and congratulatory during his interviews yesterday. Keith more than likely wanted to call “bullshit” on the whole process, but he thought better of it since I’m sure he would like to go back to Hawaii one day.

“Those guys that went, I’m sure they deserved to go because of how they’ve been playing and the fact that their teams are winning.”

Yeah Keith, I’m sure Jason Taylor deserves to go to his umpteenth Pro Bowl since the Dolphins are so stellar this year. The Pro Bowl voting is such crap. Every year it’s the same guys. It’s sort of like the local elections—the coaches and players keep voting for the same names no matter what. It’s a great system.

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