Lost Season Premiere

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Damn, if this wasn’t the best damn season premiere ever. J.J. Abrams gave us just enough to make the season finale seem like it happened just last week. That’s how fast they hooked all of the viewers again. I loved how the first five minutes were of the guy in the hatch. At first your watching and thinking, “Who’s backstory is this? Saywer?” But then they tie it back in with the hatch explosion and you realize watch you’ve just been watching. That’s damn good television.

I guess the producers were right when they said we wouldn’t be disappointed at the Emmy’s. I’ve always thought that this show would be more of a tease than anything else. I mean how much can really go on with 40 people being stranded on an island. I guess I just didn’t have faith in the show’s creators. I’m right there with them now.

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