Mac mini: 30 days and Counting

My wife and I had to finally lay our aging Wintel box to rest about a month ago. I’ve had that machine since 1999, and I have to say it served it’s purpose phenomenally. It was only the last 3 or 4 months where it gave us any trouble at all. I had to reinstall Windows 3 different times. After the 3rd time, I decided it was time to finally make the move to a Mac.

It took us awhile to finally decide which Mac we wanted to buy. In the end, we decided to go with the Mac mini 1.42 Ghz G4. Luckily they had just been “updated”, so we got the Airport and Bluetooth built-in. It was a real hard decision on whether to get the mini or the iMac G5.

I like the power and specs of the iMac, but I didn’t want to get locked into having the screen and machine all-in-one. Plus, the G5 processor has a bit of reduced life expectancy with Apple’s current move towards an all Intel based product line. I know it will take a few years for the transition to be complete, but I’ll be able to make the move to the Intel line of Macs sooner since I bought a mini.

All in all, the Mac mini is a wonderful machine. I would’ve loved to purchase a Dual G5 Power Mac, but for the size, the mini can’t be beat. Out of the box if provides enough juice for most of your basic computing tasks, Internet browsing, email, or word processing. It’s not going to blow you away. I am planning on upgrading the RAM to 1 GB and adding a 7200 RPM Hard Drive. Both of those additions should boost the performance of this machine by about 40%. I am also going to ad an internal DVD burner. I could’ve paid $100 at the start, but I would’ve been stuck with a 4x burner.Installing it myself nets me a 8x burner. That’s worth it in my book.

Mac mini 1.42 Ghz: 8.75/10

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